How to install GIBBON


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Setup GIT/GitHub (recommended) Download .zip file directly
Github repository Download
git init   
git clone   

(New to GIT? see these learning resources and this 10 min. GIT tutorial)


The steps below guide you through a streamlined installation procedure using the installGibbon.m function*.
*If you prefer manual installation do the following: 1) Add the GIBBON folder (with subfolders) to the path and save the path definitions, 2) Run createHelpDemoDocumentation.m to integrate the help and documentation, 3) For the 3rd party packages: 3a) Add the export_fig folder to the path and save the path definitions, 3b) Go to the config folder in ../GIBBON/config and edit the FEBioPath.txt file to contain the full path to the FEBio executable

1. Installing 3rd party packages

Skip this step if finite element analysis and figure exporting are not required.

Package Purpose Included? Download
FEBio is a finite element solver and is used in GIBBON for all finite element analysis. Use of FEBio is featured in many of the DEMO_FEBio... files No FEBio website

export_fig helps to export publication quality images (e.g. .png, .jpg, .pdf, .eps), in GIBBON it is integrated in the export figure widget efw to export such images from the cFigure window directly. export_fig is also used for exporting images for creation of .gif animations with the GIBBON anim8 function
No Get via GitHub

Download zip


Is used for tetrahedral meshing (and possibly constrained 3D Delaunay tessellation). See for instance HELP_runTetGen.m
Yes For other versions: TetGen website

2. Run installGibbon.m

By running installGibbon.m the GIBBON, FEBio, and export_fig path definitions will be added and saved to MATLAB. The help and documentation will also be integrated. Once finished you will be asked to restart MATLAB. installGibbon.m can be found in the main GIBBON folder.