GIBBON: The Geometry and Image-Based Bioengineering add-On for MATLAB

GIBBON is an open-source MATLAB toolbox by Kevin M. Moerman and includes an array of image and geometry visualization and processing tools and is interfaced with free open source software such as TetGen, for robust tetrahedral meshing, and FEBio for finite element analysis. The combination provides a highly flexible image-based modelling environment and enables advanced inverse finite element analysis.

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Please cite GIBBON as:

Kevin Mattheus Moerman. (2016). GIBBON (Hylobates Lar). Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.44404

On September 15th 2016 GIBBON was presented at a 1-day course on Open Source Tools for Computational Biomechanics. The lecture notes can be found here: https://zenodo.org/record/154183.


What is GIBBON?

GIBBON started as a collection of codes I (Kevin M. Moerman) developed for my PhD and subsequent Post-Doc. By now it has grown to become a collection of MATLAB functions useful for image-based bioengineering and finite element model construction. As such GIBBON is not a GUI based piece of software but literally a toolbox as in “a box of tools”.

 Who should use GIBBON?

If  you are well versed in MATLAB and feel that with commercial and non-open source software you lack functionality, flexibility, clarity and the ability to customize and automate then GIBBON is for you.

 What about support/documentation?

Although the website has been launched and the codes have been made available the help and documentation is still a work in progress. A paper on the toolbox is in preparation. For questions on codes for now please e-mail me at:  gibbon.toolbox [at] gmail.com. The website also houses a forum where users can post issues. At present this work is largely on a voluntary basis but I’ll respond to queries as soon as possible.

 What MATLAB version do I need?

All testing and development of GIBBON is done using the latest MATLAB version (R2017a). In addition as soon as pre-releases are available development towards that version will also start. It is likely that many functions will work for older versions of MATLAB. However updating to the latest is recommended.


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