Below is a demonstration of the features of the setFEBioPath function


clear; close all; clc;




This function sets the FEBio path defined by FEBioPathSpec. Setting the path means it is stored in the GIBBON configuration file: /GIBBON/config/FEBioPath.txt.

See also getFEBioPath


This example shows how the febio path can be specified and set for use in GIBBON

The FEBio path should be the full path to the FEBio executable file (and should include the extendion for Windows).

These are examples of paths defined for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu): Windows: C:\Program Files\febio-2.9.1\bin\FEBio2.exe

Linux: /home/kevin/FEBio-2.9.1/bin/febio2

To avoid this demo from undoing the path settings for a user the current path is here instead uploaded with getFEBioPath

%Define FEBio path
febioPath=getFEBioPath; % Example: febioPath='/home/kevin/FEBio-2.9.1/bin/febio2'

Setting the FEBio path



Kevin Mattheus Moerman, [email protected]

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