Below is a demonstration of the features of the importFEBio_logfile function


clear; close all; clc;




This function imports FEBio output log files such as for node outputs (e.g. displacement) and element outputs (e.g. stress). The inputs include the file name to import as well as the following optional inputs:


% Path names
defaultFolder = fileparts(fileparts(mfilename('fullpath')));

% Defining file names
febioFebFileName=fullfile(savePath,[febioFebFileNamePart,'.feb']); %FEB file name
febioLogFileName=[febioFebFileNamePart,'.txt']; %FEBio log file name
febioLogFileName_disp=[febioFebFileNamePart,'_disp_out.txt']; %Log file name for exporting displacement
febioLogFileName_stress=[febioFebFileNamePart,'_stress_out.txt']; %Log file name for exporting stress sigma_z

Check for existing output files in the temp folder. Run febio demo 1 if not found.

if ~exist(febioLogFileName_disp,'file')

Importing nodal displacements from a log file

Importing the output data into a data structure:

dataStruct = 

  struct with fields:

    time: [11×1 double]
    data: [216×3×11 double]

The data structure contains the time vector and the data. For k dimensional data, n nodes (or elements), and m time steps the data is nxkxm+1 (or m when the initial state is not requested or not added by FEBio).

%Access data; %Displacement data
timeVec=dataStruct.time; %Time vector


Kevin Mattheus Moerman, [email protected]

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