Below is a demonstration of the features of the ind2patch function


clear; close all; clc;




The hemiSphereRegionMesh function creates the faces (F), vertices (or nodes, V) and the region indices (regeionIndSub) for a hemi-sphere according to the input structure hemiSphereStruct. The latter defines the sphere radius, the number of refinement steps for the regions and the number of refinement steps for the mesh. For more information on the refinement see the geoSphere and subTri functions and associated demo files. A complete sphere is first represented as an icosahedron which is then refined (subtriangulated) hemiSphereStruct.nRefineRegions times (whereby for each iteration each triangle is subdevided into 4 triangles). This initial subdevision defines the element regions. The next refinement step defines the number of triangles for each region. The field hemiSphereStruct.nRefineMesh defines how many times each mesh region is iteratively subtriangulated.


clear; close all; clc;

Plot settings


Example: Creating a hemisphere mesh using the hemiSphereRegionMesh function

Defining hemi-sphere parameters

hemiSphereStruct.sphereRadius=1; %Sphere radius
hemiSphereStruct.nRefineRegions=1; %Number of refinement steps for regions
hemiSphereStruct.nRefineMesh=2; %Number of refinement steps for mesh

% Get hemi-sphere mesh

Plotting results

%Creating a random color for the each mesh region
cmap=cmap(randperm(size(cmap,1)),:); %scramble colors

hf=cFigure; hold on;
gtitle('Half dome showing regions with subtriangulated mesh',fontSize);
camlight headlight;

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