Below is a demonstration of the features of the febioStructTemplate function


clear; close all; clc;




This function creates a template FEBio input file structure.

See also: febioStruct2xml

Creating a template FEBio input structure

The created template contains the following sections: module, control, globals, loadData, and output


Viewing the FEBio structure

The febView command can be used to render the XML form of the febio structure in a figure window.

NOTE: The figure below does not render in documentation due to a MATLAB but (or limitation). The code [hFig]=febView(domNode); is therefore suppressed.


Export to an FEBio input file

You can use febioStruct2xml to write the xml data to a file AND/OR a domNode object (optional output). Leave the fileName variable empty to supress file export.

%Create file name for XML file
defaultFolder = fileparts(fileparts(mfilename('fullpath')));

febioStruct2xml(febio_spec,fileName); %Exporting to file and domNode

Viewing a FEBio file

One can also use febView for file febio fil viewing:


Clear variable for next example

clear febio_spec

Overriding defaults

Create your own settings

% Some custom entries to override default

% Some custom fields/entries not part of the default
febio_spec.Control.someField='Some custom thing';

What the custom set looks like:

ans = 

  struct with fields:

    time_steps: 33
     step_size: 0.0303
     someField: 'Some custom thing'
    someStruct: [1×1 struct]

Use febioStructTemplate to "fill in the gaps"


What the set looks like after filling in gaps based on the templete:

ans = 

  struct with fields:

          time_steps: 33
           step_size: 0.0303
           someField: 'Some custom thing'
          someStruct: [1×1 struct]
            analysis: 'STATIC'
     plot_zero_state: 1
          plot_range: [0 -1]
          plot_level: 'PLOT_MAJOR_ITRS'
         plot_stride: 1
        output_level: 'OUTPUT_MAJOR_ITRS'
    adaptor_re_solve: 1
        time_stepper: [1×1 struct]
              solver: [1×1 struct]

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