Free software:

  • Tetrahedral meshing: TetGen
  • Finite element analysis: FEBio
  • Open-source musculoskeletal simulation framework: The Simtk opensim package
  • Superior MATLAB based figure exporting tool by Oliver Woodford: export_fig.m
  • The MATLAB (and Scilab) “numerical tours” on signal processing by Gabriel Peyré: Numerical Tours
  • An open-source MATLAB (and some C++) toolbox for time-domain simulation of acoustic wave fields: k-Wave
  • Surface mesh (e.g. STL) viewing and processing: MeshLab
  • 3D parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD) software: FreeCAD
  • GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP): GIMP
  • Easy code, TXT and XML (including FEBio. feb file) viewing for windows: Notepad ++
  • XML viewer for Linux: XML Copy Editor
  • Windows SVN interface: TortoiseSVN
  • Linux SVN and GIT interface: rabbitVCS

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